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11 Apr

The Mercury is a daily newspaper published in the afternoon five days a week, and in the morning on Sunday. The newspaper is physically printed on the Mercury's own in-house presses. Seaton thereafter operated the Chronicle as a separate paper until 1943, when it was merged with the Mercury.In 1926, Seaton purchased the Manhattan Nationalist – the oldest newspaper in Manhattan, dating back to 1859 – and began operating under both names (until 1943).In addition to seeing its more well-known attractions we’ll also point some more hidden stuff including secret ciphers on tombstones, blast marks from 1920s terrorism and where to find fragments of George Washington’s teeth.You’ll learn where Donald Trump’s grandfather first set foot on American soil, how a statue changed its nationality, and what a simple black fence has to do with the turmoil of the Revolutionary War.

The Manhattan Mercury is the local newspaper for Manhattan, Kansas. After passing through four different owners, the newspaper was purchased by Fay N. He was the founder of the Seaton publishing group, which still owns the paper. During his time as publisher, The Mercury bought out all of its in-town rivals, beginning with the Morning Chronicle around 1915.He received his BA (Studio Art Major) from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.Two Sundays ago Jack Forinash, Maria Sykes, David Gordon (Jack's Isuzu Trooper), and I went in search of Fossil Point, a Jurassic outcropping to the south.Dating back to 1775, the shop prints everything from wood types, blocks and plates to cards, posters and invitations.Since 2015, Osborn has been an MFA Candidate in Visual Arts Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.