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24 Sep

It’s going to be a very exciting time for the fans.” In an interview with Extra, Weatherly also teased that “a part of him dies,” adding that in his final episode there is “sudden death.” But whose? At the beginning of his career, Weatherly said he didn’t like the idea of playing the same character over a long period of time, which is ironic considering his long stint on “NCIS.” However, he insisted that Di Nozzo wasn’t a stagnant character, so playing an enduring role wasn’t the challenging part of his run. That started to become a constraint to me and that ended up being some of the tension Di Nozzo was having on the team,” said the actor.

“What got difficult is it seemed like the character had to go. “Mc Gee [Sean Murray] is looking at him going, ‘Will you get out of here, I wanna be No. '” Weatherly said he hasn’t regretted his decision to exit the show.

finale death today, but Michael Weatherly is extremely happy with the reaction to the way his character, Tony Di Nozzo, was written off of the CBS hit last night after 13 seasons."I am incredibly pleased," he told E!

As TV Series Finale reports, the show experienced a huge drop in viewership since Season 14 premiered on TV.

There was a 12.50% drop in ratings in "NCIS" Season 14.

On average, the show is already down by 11.86% when compared with previous ratings for the show.

Fans also commented that the episodes from "NCIS" Season 14 have been lacking in terms of storyline or plot.

Tony Di Nozzo and Ziva David are fictional characters from the American police procedural drama NCIS.