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03 Mar

live in another person's house, apartment, or mobile home, and you pay less than your fair share of your food or housing costs; live in your own house, apartment, or mobile home, and someone else pays for all or part of your food, rent, mortgage, or other things like electricity and heating fuel; are in a hospital or nursing home for the whole month and Medicaid pays for over one-half of the cost of your care; or are a minor child in a hospital or nursing home for the whole month and private insurance and/or Medicaid together pay over one-half your cost of care; or are in a public or private medical treatment facility and Medicaid is paying for more than half the cost of your care.If you are in the facility for the whole month, your SSI benefit is limited to (plus any supplementary State payment). If you will be in a medical institution for 90 days or less, you may be able to receive your regular SSI benefit.On a societal level, the rising levels of depression and the impact they’re having on society (econo...Successful aging is an experience governed by gender, culture, personality, and health-related factors.Many of us have these gadgets around us for most part of the day and don’t know what we would do without them, since they have ...Depression is a far, far bigger problem than most people realise. For individual sufferers, it is a life-altering and, in some cases, life-destroying condition which often renders people disabled in terms of their ability to carry out normal day to day living - despite seeming in full physical health.A disability may occur during a person's lifetime or may be present from birth.

A Disability is a lack of ability relative to a personal or group standard or norm.We do live alone and pay for your own food and shelter; live only with your spouse and minor children and nobody outside the household pays for your food and shelter; or live with other people and pay your share of the food and shelter expenses.Your living arrangement is where you live, if you live alone or with someone else, or if you live in an institution, such as a nursing home.In this hilarious comedy two rural neighbors who hate each other, end up paralyzed after they get tangled in a tractor during a fight. Cast: Michael Bonsignore, Maggie Wise Riley, Gail Benedict, Nanci Jo Boone, Clint Vaught, Jose Albovias, Elsie Albright, Malorie Boone.Full of spite they decide to roll across Europe to exact revenge from the tractor's manufacturer. Todd is a pot-smoking janitor at a nursing home who takes pleasure in toying with the senile residents.