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16 Sep

“You have no idea what could happen so we’re doing our best to keep an eye on things and I need to keep reminding myself that what I’m doing is dangerous.

I hope Somegoro-san make it back on stage as soon as possible,” Kamenashi said.

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)For more information and status about my projects check out THIS post. Sky♥This Best Of is some kind of personal selection of news regarding the Japanese Entertainmet industry (with focus on actors/actresses, doramas etc.) that I myself found interesting to share.

Kakeru can see through clothes, Yuka can change the boys into girls, Misuzu's swords are vibrators, Kukuri can speak, but only says and draws profanities, Yukiko becomes se... Our hero, Akatsuki Ousawa, is about to find out that sometimes the greatest adventure starts once happily ever after ends....- Umino Chika's manga “Sangatsu no Lion“ will get not only an anime series but also a real live-action movie (read more @ aimenewsnetwork.com).- Aoi Yu, Odagiri Joe and Matsuda Shota starring in new movie “Over the Fence“ (read more @ psycho-drama).- 40 members of AKB48 having an acting showdown in horror dorama “AKB Horror Night Adrenalin no Yoru“, getting broadcasted on TV Asahi and video distributing service Video Pass on October 7.The dorama also serves as an acting audition and based on viewer votes, the winner will get a lead role in TV Asahi's upcoming fall dorama in 2016. (read more @ tokyohive)- Rumor confirmed – Kis-My-Ft2's Kitayama Hiromitsu will be starring in upcoming fall dorama “Siren“ (starring Matsuzaka Toori and Kimura Fumino as main). Now this is getting more and more interesting with each news, I can't wait for this! (read more @ psycho-drama).- Live action movie adaption of Mikamoto Rei's manga “Chimamire Sukeban Chainsaw“ announced, starring Uchida Rio and getting directed by Yamaguchi Hiroki (read more @ aimenewsnetwork.com).- Yamazaki Kento and Nikaido Fumi will be co-starring in upcoming manga movie adaption “Wolf Girl & Black Prince“ (read more @ aimenewsnetwork.com).- Aibu Saki cast as Makimura Kaori in dorama adaption of Hojo Tsukasa's “Angel Heart“ (read more @ aimenewsnetwork.com).- Further, the “Angel Heart“ cast will include Miura Shohei as Liu Yin-Hong and more (read more @ aimenewsnetwork.com).- Update about “Pink to Grey“ movie based on NEWS' Kato Shigeaki's debut novel, starring among others HSJ's Nakajima Yuto and actor Suda Masaki - the movie will actually premier at the 20th Busan International Festival!He is also the one and only male artist born in the Heisei period with a number one single, as of 2013 On August 12, 2004, when he was in the 5th grade (age 11), Ryosuke appeared on the variety show Ya-ya-yah, where his audition for Johnny and Associates was aired. On April 12 of that year Yamada was in the drama, Sensei wa erai! In October 2008, Yamada was in the drama series Scrap Teacher: Kyoushi Saisei as Takasugi Toichi, along with Hey! JUMP members that appeared with him in Sensei wa erai! In June 2009, Yamada became the leader of a temporary group NYC Boys with Chinen Yuuri and Nakayama Yuma w/B. Shadow as supporter for the Japanese Volleyball Team for the FIVB World Grand Prix 2009.In July 2006, Yamada got his first role in a TV drama, Tantei Gakuen Q Special. From July to September of that year, Tantei Gakuen Q became a TV drama series and Yamada played the same role he did in the Special that aired in 2006. From January to March 2008 Yamada was in the third episode of the drama series, One-Pound Gospel, as Mukoda Katsumi, with his senior, Kazuya Kamenashi (KAT-TUN) and Hey! Their single "Akuma na Koi / NYC" hit the #1 position on the billboard charts.