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26 Feb

Some social networks support more languages than others, so some buttons might get translated, while some might stay in English.Customize buttons to include only sharing services that you want.Drag and drop services you want from the right list to the left.Drag and drop services you do not want from the left list to the right.The manufacturer of anything polarized (tantalum caps, electrolytic caps, LEDs, ICs, etc) will always put some sort of marking on the device to indicate the how the device is supposed to be oriented.For ICs, there is a small dimple on one end of the IC.One of these holes should be connected to the ground pin on your voltage regulator, and to the ground connection of your wall wart.You can connect the VCC pins on the ATmega328 to any holes along the 5V rail, and you connect the GND pins on the ATmega328 to any hole along the blue GND rail. If no one ever told you, there is a really simple way to figure out where pin 1 is on an IC.

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The concept came into common use with Unix text-processing utilities.Social share buttons (social icons) are an important tool to help you spread the word about your website on social networks.On this website you can generate custom HTML code for share buttons to use on your website or blog.Many programming languages provide regex capabilities, built-in, or via libraries.The phrase regular expressions (and consequently, regexes) is often used to mean the specific, standard textual syntax (distinct from the mathematical notation described below) for representing patterns that matching text need to conform to.