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03 May

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The terms human trafficking and sex slavery usually conjure up images of young girls beaten and abused in faraway places, like Eastern Europe, Asia, or Africa.

Actually, human sex trafficking and sex slavery happen locally in cities and towns, both large and small, throughout the United States, right in citizens’ backyards.

More than 12.7 million reports of suspected child sexual exploitation have been made to the Cyber Tipline between 1998 and June 2016.

Members of the public are encouraged to report information regarding possible child sexual exploitation to the Cyber Tipline. S.-based company providing an electronic communication service or a remote computing service to the public through a facility or means of interstate or foreign commerce may register with the Cyber Tipline.

This characterization is extremely inaccurate, nothing more than fiction.

In reality, the pimp traffics young women (and sometimes men) completely against their will by force or threat of force; this is human sex trafficking.

Additionally, people must be able to identify the victim in common trafficking situations.They can be sent using mobiles, tablets, smartphones, laptops - any device that allows you to share media and messages.Sexting may also be called: However, as of January 2016 in England and Wales, if a young person is found creating or sharing images, the police can choose to record that a crime has been committed but that taking formal action isn't in the public interest.It's easy to send a photo or message but the sender has no control about how it's passed on.When images are stored or shared online they become public.