Consolidating multiple sap instances

05 Sep

Maybe it’s time to untangle, streamline, and consolidate your enterprise application landscape. For some companies, the acquisitions happened years ago and the enterprise has been living with the pain and expense of a tangle of diverse systems for a long time.Global businesses are spending millions running multiple instances of software from ERP giant SAP, but face real difficulties consolidating the systems to save money.On average, big companies worldwide are running five SAP instances, while almost four in 10 have more than six, according to a study from IT services firm HCL Technologies.

Collapsing the pieces together, especially in the finance industry, not only accelerates the closing of the books and the results, it also helps from a headcount perspective to get synergies across different organizations.” Remaining rock solid.

Ian has been heavily involved in developing solutions and delivering many of HCL’s largest SAP transformation programs in both North America and Europe. Welcome to today’s Q&A on SAP instance consolidation as a cost reduction strategy.

I’m Natalie Miller, features editor of SAPinsider and insider PROFILES, and I’m happy to introduce today’s panelist, Ian Greenhalgh of HCL Technologies.

Hi, I'm new to this group but am in desperate need of finding some facts. told us that using one instance was better than going to multiple instances.

Our parent company, in Germany, is currently on SAP and we (USA and Canada) will be doing the same. This was primarily due to managing the system settings and data transfers. We have 21 company codes; 28 plants and operate in every major country in the world.