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24 Aug

So it’s better in the long-run, and also makes life easier by having fewer items that all work together and make you feel great when you wear them.

:) Plus, cleaning our your closet helps with the next few points: Now that you have a giant pile of clothes that you want to get rid of, how are you going to make some money off of them? As long as you’re willing to sell old clothes for a piece, you shouldn’t have a problem getting some cash back for your old t-shirts and yoga pants!

Since the dress code was business casual, though, I knew I had to figure out a way to build a basic work wardrobe without spending a lot of money – exactly what I’d need to do this time around.

Since pants are the most basic (and boring) part of an outfit, that’s where I started.

I’m going through a process of updating my wardrobe but with a busy summer and a Eurotrip on the horizon, my clothing allowance is a bit tight.

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Reality and being a grown-up comes in the form of budgets and responsibilities, which is great and all, but sometimes I just wish I could be irresponsible for a day or two ;) I’ve had to get kind of creative with how I spend money over the last two years or so, especially when it comes to clothes.

I am very proud of myself this year, though, since I have found some great ways to save money on clothing while still being able to update your closet every now and then!

So here is what you can do if you want to update your closet on a college budget! But trust me on this one–if you are able to cut down your wardrobe to just the core items, simply changing 3 shirts will completely update it!

So I’ve had to adopt a series of money-saving tactics in order to pay for the biggest, fanciest party of my whole goddamn life.

One of these – and it makes me gag a little bit to even write this – is that I’m now on a total clothes-buying ban.