Competing collaborating compromising avoiding and accommodating

22 Aug

The TKI has been the leader in conflict resolution assessment for more than thirty years.

This instrument requires no special qualifications for administration.

First lets visit each of these important conflict profile styles.

Competitive styled negotiators pursue their own needs - yes, even when this means others suffer.

Kilmann (August 2015):"The Joy of Having Created the TKI Assessment!Here we focus on the “Personal Conflict Style Inventory” developed by Ron Kraybill and Mennonite Conciliation Services (1987).This is a brief questionnaire that uses the five conflict styles identified in the Thomas-Kilmann instrument accommodation, compromise, competition, avoidance and collaboration – and expands the focus to examine how you react to conflicts when they first arise, and how you respond after the conflicts become more intense.Your style or profile of negotiation can define whether you grind into a deadlock, or create value and with it an enduring relationship.So what do you do when your needs are incompatible and your path to agreement starts to fade?