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29 Jan

“After much thought and much reflection, I will not be running in the next federal election,” she told a crowd of about 60 people.“I am sure that this is going to come as a very big surprise to all of you because when I called yesterday, so many of you poured your hearts out.” As she spoke, Dhalla was surrounded by posters which had the Liberal Party name blacked out.As a community activist, doctor, and entrepreneur she is one of the leading progressive voices in parliament and works tirelessly in Parliament on behalf of those that struggle to be heard.Having made history in 2004, as the first South Asian Woman to be elected to federal parliament in the western world and was subsequently re-elected on January 23, 2006 and again on October 14th 2008, She is one of the youngest women in Canadian Parliament and currently serves on the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health.Unfortunately after much research the list of Desi Sugar Daddies had got just few new editions.I am sure there are more and as and when I discover them, will keep updating the list.He is a real-estate king there and it’s courtesy his money that the actress posing in ‘garters’ is enjoying her life.

For a Punjabi immigrant brought by a single mom in an alien land, Ruby Dhalla has indeed come a long way!

A spokesperson for the Liberal Party could not be immediately reached for comment.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has promised open nominations, even though he blocked one would-be contender from running earlier this year over what he described as aggressive tactics and infighting.

“Even my opponents showed up today thinking I was launching my campaign,” she wrote in the email.

In a subsequent phone interview, however, Dhalla told CTV News that the Liberal Party did want her to run, but she decided at the last minute that she couldn’t commit to serving as an MP again.