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19 Mar

Meet Erica Strange, a bright and attractive Jewish woman in her early 30s living in a hip neighborhood in downtown Toronto and working in book publishing.

Erica is the fictional, time-traveling, eponymous lead character played by Erin Karpluk in the hit Canadian TV series “Being Erica.” The show begins its third season on CBC Television on Sept. With much of the character derived from the life experience of the show’s creator and executive producer, Jana Sinyor, this fictional 30-something Toronto Jew is resonating with many young Canadian Jews who see in her something of themselves.

There have been a lot of speculations about actress Erica Durance expecting a baby with her husband David Palffy for the second time. Previously, Durance was married to Wesley Parker from 1996 to 1999.

Durance also has a teenage step son from the previous relationship of her husband David.

Durance does not have any child from her past relationships. She joined Yaletown Actors Studio for many years, where she met her husband David Palffy as a coach.

The actress eventually started her career, featuring in the 2002 movie The Untold.

Our sources have revealed that the actress is currently busy caring of her first born baby and has plans of having a second baby for the time being.

The list put their first name in alphabetical order.

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(JTA) — A young woman with long auburn hair sits surrounded by friends and family in her mother’s living room while holding a tiny baby on a pillow in her lap.

She is the sandek at the brit of her cousin’s son, having agreed to take on this honorary role — the one who holds the baby — to please her father, a Reform rabbi who is the mohel.