Opinion on online dating

19 Mar

There is still a bit of a stigma surrounding online dating, particularly apps like Tinder, where one is swiping left or right on someone based on five photos and a bio, if you are feeling ambitious enough to read it.

How someone can come off as fun, witty, attractive, adventurous and an expert in something fun, but not too pretentious, is beyond me.

All dates offer something different and are definitely worth a try.

My call to action is that you download some sort of dating app, just for laughs and giggles.

We have thousands of adult singles, men, women, boys, girls from all over the world.

Online dating was supposedly invented to make it easier to find the perfect partner, but all it’s done it made it even more difficult.

The success of these apps proves that a lot of people have managed to find love with the swipe of a finger, but this is why I’m done trying to use them to find a worthwhile guy: They breed short attention spans. Any rapport you develop with someone entirely over a screen and some exchanged words isn’t reliable.

How does Tinder really compare to people who meet the old-fashioned way – in real life?

A new study (commissioned and released by Tinder) shows that contrary to stereotypes, many people use Tinder with the intent of finding a relationship.