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30 Jul

Don't be afraid to get in touch or even call if you want more information from these footwear suppliers.They will think nothing of talking about the ins and outs of high heels with someone who might sound like a man, so there's no need to feign a girlie voice!The way they spread their legs with pussies barely covered by thin fabric of panties and sheer nylon of their stockings or pantyhose, the way they pet themselves, the way they look into the cam almost begging you to come up and do them...

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The study's lead author, Gerald Mc Gwin, an epidemiology professor in the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Public Health, noted:"Although high-heeled shoes might be stylish, from a health standpoint, it would be worthwhile for those interested in wearing high-heeled shoes to understand the risks and the potential harm that precarious activities in high-heeled shoes can cause." Even if you manage to avoid an injury such as a sprained ankle while wearing heels, such shoes can actually change muscle activity and the dynamics of normal walking. Mercola Close to half of US women wear high heels, and those who wear them own an average of nine pairs each.The shoes tend to make a regular appearance even though 71 percent of women surveyed by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) said the shoes hurt their feet.Here are links to companies who sell hot high heel shoes, sexy stilettos, strappy sandals, kinky boots, 'f**k-me' pumps and other more sensible footwear!All these retailers are tranny friendly (and will usually have stock in UK sizes up to 13, that's 15 in the US) so don't be afraid to have a look around if you are looking for large sized ladies shoes.