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16 Dec

From Saudi Arabian artist Majed al-Esa, the video depicts women wearing niqabs skating, riding fairground rides, shooting some hoops and other tradition-defying activities.

And it has a little stab at Donald Trump while it’s at it.

The student’s ordeal was recorded by a neighbor’s surveillance camera.

audi Arabia is a country whose sole constitution is based on the Quran - the religious text of Islam.

If people in SA find themselves in a legal pickle, it's down to each individual judge to interpret the laws as there's no official written rules.

Banned: Taking pictures of buildings You're on holiday so you're going to snap pictures all the time, right? Photographing government buildings, military installations, and palaces is not allowed.

One should also avoid photographing local people - especially Saudi Arabian men without their permission - and don't point a camera in the direction of women.