Modern dating

09 Jun

I thought that women felt attracted to men for the same reasons that we feel attracted to women. I didn’t realize that it was possible to make beautiful women feel attracted to me for reasons OTHER than looks, so if they rejected me, I simply assumed, That’s all I knew because I was another brainwashed modern man who believed the junk I saw in TV and magazine advertisements.Even though I saw below-average looking guys with beautiful women, I didn’t see that as real.With the use of modern technology, people can date via telephone or computer or meet in person.

But say what you may, dating in the modern world isn't as ‘clear' as you may make it seem. Unsaid truths about how we as a generation rank love and more than that, deal with it. Everyone's connected to everyone else and let's just say, karma is a fiercer bitch in 2016 than it ever was. You might actually be dating someone but you one of you will always be in denial.

Radiometric dating or radioactive dating is a technique used to date materials such as rocks or carbon, in which trace radioactive impurities were selectively incorporated when they were formed.

The method compares the abundance of a naturally occurring radioactive isotope within the material to the abundance of its decay products, which form at a known constant rate of decay.

I saw that as the woman making a mistake or being stupid enough to fall for a guy like that.

I didn’t know that she could actually feel attracted to him for OTHER reasons.