Validating passport photo

11 Jul

Appointments are available Monday am-pm (Closed Memorial Day 29th) Tuesday am-pm Wednesday CLOSED Thursday am-pm Friday am-pm Saturday CLOSED Sunday CLOSEDWe optionally offer a full assistance and guidance with the US Diversity Visa Lottery applications.At additional fee, we will help you to properly fill out the application, verify all information and submit it to the Bureau of Consular Affairs electronically at the time of photo session.(! The digital picture files uploaded along with the Green Card Lottery applications require a preliminary verification.

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The Passport card was unveiled earlier this month, and more than 8,204 applications have been received.

It can be used for travelling within the European Union member states, as well as countries within the European Economic Area - Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

This post is an introduction to the document checking service, part of GOV. If you're interested in the different documents and methods certified companies can use to verify you, you can read more in this post.

----- In previous posts we've explained how identity assurance works; a certified company (also known as an identity provider) will undertake a set of checks to establish to a defined level of confidence that it's really you.