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Through much of this period, the Earth's northern and southern regions were covered by kilometer thick glaciers.It is important to recognize that the Pleistocene was a series of real ice ages, separated by relatively short interglacial periods. The glowing inferno just after Earth was formed is named Hadean.Please consult the laboratory staff for further information.An early application deadline has been introduced for non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens applying with a non-Danish Bachelor's degree for summer admission 2017.Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens applying with a Danish Bachelor's degree may apply by 15 March and 1 April (see below), but will then not be assessed for a possible tuition waiver or scholarship.Thus, we still advise you to apply not later than 15 January.Once you have submitted your application(s), you will receive a confirmation stating that we have received your application through the application portal.The confirmation will appear under the tab "Messages" in the application portal.

Please note that examinations might be held on Saturdays.To ensure that the number of each timetable group remains constant throughout the semester, a decision may be made to provide teaching according to a different weekday timetable.Immediately after the 13-week period, there may be a non-teaching study break followed by an examination period.The anticipated workload entailed by a course of study is measured in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credit points.One year of full-time studies is worth 60 ECTS credit points.