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01 Mar

But, nowadays, the bar also needs to have a certain energy: not too in-your-face, but definitely feel-able. The bar you pick for a date says a lot about the environment you are accustomed to at home and in your everyday life. The time to bond over sports is later.” — Carlos Cruz, Sushi Samba“A place that has its music set just right will always make you feel comfortable, and possibly help you learn more about your date. No one wants to get to know you while they’re being elbowed by the happy-hour crowd.” — Micaela Piccolo, Distilled“[The bar] needs to be a place that’s conducive to conversation. Some places crank the music so loud, it makes communication challenging.Also, it should also be a place where both people feel comfortable.During the summer, stick to the neat rows of roses or follow the crowds to the flowering cherry blossom trees.Come winter, warm up in the greenhouses or while admiring the museum-like collections of bonsais.You certainly won't blow your date's mind by suggesting any of them.If you want to keep your companion for the night fascinated rather than fatigued, you need to get slightly more creative.

(Let us know when you're ready to send over those thank you chocolates; we quite like L. FUN party ideas that are easy to plan and are sure to be a hit!It would be fun to throw a creative summer party right before school starts again OR if your kids have already gone back to school, throw a back to school neighborhood BBQ using one of the ideas that Kari and I found below!If your date is paleo, don’t take him or her to a beer bar.” — Joaquin Simo, Pouring Ribbons“[One time], a girl was waiting at the bar, [looking] very nervous.I asked if she was okay, and she told me she was waiting for a date she met online.