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18 Aug

Their daughters, painter Becky and drama therapist, Cathy, joined their father in thanking customers for supporting the pub over the years.Bucking the general trend in the pub trade, the Goodwins have been only the fourth landlords to run the Shoes during the 20th century.However, the next stage of construction on the site will be to build the new hospice facility but only when enough money has been raised.Noah’s Ark chief executive Ru Watkins said: “Our charity was created by the community to provide better care to our local families.The pub's history is echoed in the names on Frank's labels.Farriers' reflects the time when the pub was also a blacksmith's shop, and his Peploe label harks back to the time when the Shoes was owned by Samuel Peploe's Garnstone Castle estate.In the spring of 2016 Historic England finished emergency propping of the most dangerous parts of the castle walls, and then worked with the SCPT in finalising the urgent repairs that would be funded by a Repair Grant.

Amid an atmosphere of tears and laughter in the packed pub, the last of at least 10 once sited along the A480 road from Hereford to Kington, CAMRA's regional chief Mark Haslam paid homage to this much-loved traditional inn with its own award-winning brewery.

The scheduled monument has been on Historic England’s Heritage at Risk Register since 1998.

Decades of neglect saw sections of the castle’s walls collapse and the castle itself lost from view, and completely inaccessible due to uncontrolled growth of brambles and scrub.

WORK to repair Herefordshire's Snodhill Castle in Herefordshire – thought to be one of the earliest in the chain of castles built in the Dore Valley during the 11th century – will start next week.

The repairs to the castle will be funded by Historic England through a Repair Grant of £474,000.