Error updating view in names nsf view is damaged Chat random sexxxx

26 Nov

This is a common error when dealing with IBM Lotus Notes /Domino database files that have become corrupted.The RRV bucket becomes corrupt if the Operating System hangs, crashes or is restarted at the moment when the RRV table is being updated.

How do I find out what view #252930 and #252926 are? If I need to run Shift 9 or UPDALL -r, where do i need to run this. We upgraded our directory to 7.0.2 a couple weeks ago in prep. Now, one of our 6.5.4 FP1 servers has the message "Error Updating View '#20674' in names.nsf: Document has been deleted" We have five other 6.5.4 FP1 servers in our environment and none of them has this message. The following Fixup errors may be observed: Database fixup process started Performing consistency check on mail\..Document NT00000AAA in database 03: F5 Once the database is corrupted the following may also be observed: NIF: DETECTED STORAGE CORRUPTION ERROR 'B-tree structure is invalid' NIF: DETECTED STORAGE CORRUPTION ERROR 'Attempt to use an invalid database pointer' Error updating view '($All)' in mail\filename.nsf: B-tree structure is invalid NSFDb Open: File ' This issue has been observed on a number of Domino Servers, release 5.0.5 or higher.