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22 Apr

Whether you saw it for the first time 30 years ago or 30 hours ago, here are 17 insider facts about "Pretty In Pink" that may surprise you! The role of Andie was written for Ringwald — but almost went to someone else.“As far as the character, she’s so much like I am,” said Ringwald in a 1986 interview with MTV.Duckie is a rare mistake in the Hughes pantheon of clown-princes (of which Anthony Michael Hall’s Farmer Ted is the sine qua non, no matter what the Ferris fans insist).

Take a look at more 1980’s fashion from ‘Pretty in Pink’ below.

He was wearing an interesting combination of gray twill dungarees (no belt) and a beige-colored linen shirt. His voice was raised in frustration, and he pointed his finger across the table. You never shed it.”) Worst of all, he claims he was never even in the Brat Pack. Elmo’s Fire , a co-star says, ‘He plays all his roles with too much of the same intensity. Mc Carthy’s chalkboard green eyes betrayed more hurt than anger.

Meantime, he was loading bales of salad into his mouth more like a feral panda than the well-bred preppy he played in the 80’s. He was talking about the Brat Pack, the group of young actors with whom he was lumped in the 80’s. He claims he’s never even met the Brat Pack’s geek mascot, Anthony Michael Hall! “Whenever you have a contemporary trash you in some nasty way, it usually means they’re envious,” he said. ” The Rich Shall Inherit Mortimer’s Thanks to the efforts of a certain community as galvanized as a velvet Red Cross in a deluge, Mortimer’s, the society watering hole scorched a year ago by the death of proprietor Glenn Bernbaum, will be reborn, renewed and improved, on Labor Day or very soon thereafter.

doesn’t even try; it’s as though Hughes knew his audience would automatically root for any underdog, bonus points if she’s a poor girl with mussed hair and unadorned beauty, double bonus points if she makes her own clothes and suffers the sneers of rich kids, triple bonus points if the poor girl has a goofy best friend who nips at her heels yet seems incapable of ever jumping into her lap.

Why does Molly Ringwald’s Andie pine so hard for Andrew Mc Carthy’s Blane and what, exactly, does James Spader’s Steff see in her? His performance makes the whole damn movie worth it.