Dating a silver fox tips for dating a sugar daddy

06 Nov

You’ll get more of his time: He’s less likely to spend his time glued to his smartphone or checking people out on Facebook.

If you’re a mature guy and you’re looking for motivation to channel your ‘inner silver fox,’ this is the guide for you. And heaven forbid allowing for the over 50’s – what, do they still even date? While some older guys can give the others a bad rap by looking and acting old before their time, there are an ever growing number of spritely, young at heart ‘silvers’ intent on holding back the years by dressing well and keeping themselves fit and foxy.In the meantime, ponder our many perks to dating a silver fox…In fact, he could probably teach you a thing or two…He knows cool stuff: He’s lived a bit so he’s bound to have some interesting and hilarious stories to tell and at the same time, introduce you to a whole new world of culture and music and all that other character building stuff.